High quality risk, insurance and resiliency services

Our Mission

To enable clients to survive and thrive in a volatile and uncertain world by providing the confidence to pursue goals and opportunities.

About Us

With over thirty years experience, IJS Consulting Ltd delivers high quality risk, insurance and resiliency services on a consultancy, interim or project basis to private and public sector clients. We have supported client in industries including nuclear, financial, construction, transportation and infrastructure in the United Kingdom and Europe, the Middle East and in Latin America.

What We Do

  • Enhance decision quality - we improve visibility and understanding of the threats and opportunities preventing achievement of objectives
  • Develop effective and efficient responses to threats and enhance opportunities
  • Improve organisational resiliency to withstand and recover from unplanned events

Our recent services have included

developing and implementing group-wide risk frameworks

pandemic exposure, response and recovery guidance

Brexit impact analysis and resiliency development

leading and developing professional risk and resiliency teams

improving board and committee-level risk visibility

enhancing strategic decision-making processes

Leading board, operational and project-level risk workshops

Developing practical approaches to risk appetite

reviewing and refreshing risk resiliency arrangements

improving risk procedures - governance, identification, analysis and treatment

enhancing collaborative working between risk and resiliency and operational teams

creating alignment between group strategic, business and project / programme level risks

Risk Management

Businesses thrive by taking risk; understanding, preparing for and optimising threats and opportunities enhances decision quality and effective and efficient goal achievement. We help create the organisational structures, procedures and knowledge to do this, providing support at strategic, operational and project / programme levels. Examples include:

  • Risk and corporate strategy alignment
  • Environmental scanning
  • Internal situational analysis
  • Risk management framework design and reviews
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Risk education and training for Board members and operational staff
  • Risk capacity analysis and appetite development
  • Risk visibility and reporting enhancement
  • Risk response and management
  • Risk reviews and audits
  • Alignment process with assurance, audit and resiliency functions

Resiliency, Crisis Management and Recovery

Significant events do occur and derail business operations. We enhance business resiliency by helping clients through preparation, response and recovery.

Crisis preparedness

  • Critical asset & process analysis
  • Leadership succession planning
  • Supply chain vulnerability analysis
  • Risk management framework design and reviews
  • Scenario planning
  • Pandemic threat evaluation and response plans
  • Continuity plan assessment and development

Crisis Response

  • Crisis management team formation and training
  • Crisis response and management planning
  • Crisis management team exercising
  • Audit and assessment

Crisis Recovery

  • Recovery strategy development
  • Financial accessibility analysis
  • Contingency supplier analysis
  • Insurance claim preparation and advocacy

Insurance & Risk Finance

When a loss occurs, access to finance is critical to enable a swift return to operations. Insurance and risk finance structures provide a valuable resource to aid recovery. We work with clients to establish requirements and develop solutions and provide support during and after an event occurs. Our services include:

  • Risk / insurance strategy alignment assessment
  • Insurance programme design / review
  • Broker tender management
  • Claim preparation
  • Claims advocacy
  • Risk financing programme assessment and development
  • Captive needs assessment and review

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